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Why Work With Us?

A Small Business, Building Small Business Websites

When looking for a web design solution, most people find one of two things: 1) a huge company offering a cheap (or even free!), cookie-cutter website solution or 2) a high-brow Design firm with big fees for stuff that is largely irrelevant to them.

Unfortunately, for many small businesses and home service providers, these options either provide too little or too much. The low price options are often still overpriced for what they offer.  The small biz owner finds themselves spending hour after frustrating hour doing most of the work themselves…trying to figure out how to navigate complicated software platforms. In the end, if you make it through that process you’ll still have something that is less than ideal and looks pretty generic or amateurish. The free options usually offer very little and provide a poor end result.

Bad design disrupts your ability to grow and to profit. It can be really difficult to showcase that you’re the best company in your industry, when you have such a bad first impression to recover from.

On the other hand, you can pay huge amounts for a site that will look good, but provides way more than you need. You can pay thousands and thousands of dollars for things that really don’t contribute to your main objectives: getting in front of more customers and landing more jobs.

Pesca Design was created out of the need for something in between. We build amazing, beautiful websites for small businesses that are affordable, yet actually effective. As a small business, we understand small business. So we focus on the most important aspects of web design as it pertains to your needs and can offer the attention to detail necessary to achieve your goals.

We provide everything that you need to have a stunning website that will capture your audiences attention, showcase the quality of your work and your brand,  and leave a lasting first impression. But we skip all the overpriced, unnecessary gimmicks and fluff that don’t contribute to getting you more business.


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